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Pueblo Tanner Gun Show

Event Technology. Event Catering. Du bist ein kreativer Kopf und strategisch ausgerichtet? Construction Management. Vor den Toren des besten Freizeitparks weltweit laufen die Bauarbeiten auf Hochtouren. Kein Bauprojekt gleicht dem anderen. Die Projekte werden von der ersten Idee bis zur finalen Umsetzung von dir betreut. The only people who will see them are those who also misspell the company name that way. Since that worked, how about Leopold instead of Leupold? It works! Try it and see. Most airgun collectors know that a great many people spell Crosman as Crossman. Nor is misspelling Daisy as Daisey.

Try searching on just the name of a scope, like Lyman. Among the hundreds of scopes you find, there will be guns listed with Lyman scopes mounted on them. But a Diana model 27 that sells under the name Hy Score or Beeman Original might just be a bargain. Mac and I went together and bought two collections that we sold off for a handsome profit. But I know guys who make a great business of buying and reselling collections as individual airguns. The problem with doing this is what keeps people like me away. It takes a large amount of money up front. But you do get your money back with a great profit as long as you buy the right things.

You have to know your market and know where you can sell most of the things you buy or be willing to sit on the guns a long time to make the full value on them. When Mac and I did it, we both plowed the profit back into our personal collections so there was no money left for any future deals, had they come along. My Texas gun buddy, Otho, does this mass buying in a rather interesting way. Besides guns, he also buys related stuff.

Here in Texas, Otho has a reputation as a hobby gunsmith; so when someone has a pile of gun-related things to get rid of, his name often comes up. This year, he bought over 50 rifle barrels along with holsters and other gun parts in one such collection. He made his money back on about half the barrels, then had a field day selling holsters, revolver cylinders and gun barrels at several gun shows. Of course, that brings not only buyers but also more people who are looking for an outlet for what they have to sell.

Sporting goods stores Some of the big sporting goods stores do a brisk trade in used guns. You can offer them less for anything and if they have had it too long, they usually will sell it. And every once in awhile they will let a diamond slip through. I bought my Winchester High Wall in. You actually have to go to thee stores and go frequently enough to catch the buys when they come through.

Pawn shops Last bit of advice also comes from Otho.

He hits the pawn shops like a biker hits a roadhouse! He actually has a route that he runs frequently. The pawn shops that are owner-operated are far less likely to have a good find than the big chain pawn shops. We have a chain called Cash America here in Texas. They mostly sell things based on what the store paid for an item. Sure, everybody knows what a Colt Python is worth and is unlikely to sell it for a bargain price, but how many would be familiar with an HW 50S?

That was on my chest for the past few weeks, and I had to tell you about it today. I got a good deal on a Tanfoglio Witness because it was listed as an airsoft gun, it was for sale for a long while before the seller agreed to my price. I got it on a french canadian similar to craiglist and not a lot of people trade or sell target airguns.

The seller listed it for less than half what he probably paid for it and I took a chance and explained how much I was willing to pay and I understood he would want more money for it and a little while later he emailed me back and we agreed on a price, he received NO other offers, not one!

I got some good deals now all that is left is selling or trading some of my guns. The mis-listed gun! That was the case with my Winchester High Wall, as well. And the gun listed on the wrong type of site is almost like finding one at a garage sale, among the baby clothes and cheap end tables. FWB C62 rifle that I own now was bought in and since then was buried in some storage room in the training center.

What would it take to make a deal with Diana to carry their nicer stocked actions they have laminate,premium,superiorand exklusive stocks as well as carbine 34s and s. How about getting them in 20 cal. I asked Pyramyd Air if they were getting rid of the HW line. They are not. They ARE getting rid of some models that may not sell as well. BB does the Tanner gun show make it to Texas? I had only just become interested in airguns at the time and had no idea what an incredible bargain I was passing up!

It certainly changed my mind about how accurate the. We have a large 1,table show in Dallas several times a year, and you can find just about anything there. Are you in Colorado? If so, have you ever attended the CGCA gun show? I had no idea! When Tanner is at the Merchandise Mart they average about tables.

Pueblo is around tables. The CGCA gun show this year had tables this year. Looks like the show will have even more. It seems to me that a combination of gun collectors that have died combined with those that are trying to liquidate their collections rather than let their ignorant heirs give away their fine collectibles is growing exponentially. From they increased. My sense is that quality vintage gun collectors are an average age of at least 70 now. A few are younger and many are older. The smarter ones realize that now is the time to sell since they know what their guns are worth and know where to sell them.

This touches on the subject of when I die who have I reached an agreement with to aid in the disposition of my gun collection. Someone that not only knows current values but knows where the best place is to sell a colt bisley, the best place to sell a webley service rifle set, the best place to sell a AA S, etc. I digress. Interesting post, as usual… My own Diana 35 came in as part of payment for a Mauser rifle that a friend wanted so badly. English is not my mother language, so I always use it. Now that is a tale I have never heard. Getting a fine airgun in trade on a firearm, when both parties were unaware of what it was at the time.

I think that happens as a part of luck, and some people seem to have more of it. Yes, the misspelling is a wonderful way of finding things and also of having exclusive access to them. There were more of them spelled that way than the correct way! BB: Your advice about looking for scopes brings to mind one of my better deals. When I got my 16X Fecker it was mounted on a very rough Winchester low wall. Another thing that gun traders should look for are working guns with vintage iron sights on them. Many old , well used,. Some have both vintage open sights and receiver sights on the gun, so you can double the parts money.

Also, another overlooked source of cash for gun acquisition is buying guns for parts not just gun parts. Shotguns are a particularly good source of parts to be sold for money.

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Tom, you should really try a. I think that you will find the Bee to be a better cartridge in use than the Hornet. Or a strong vintage SS like a Martini. You were right to stay away from that Winchester 43, it may be collectable , but it is inferior. Just a.

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My shooting buddy, Otho, owns a. True, it is on a Winchester 43 action, and I find it mediocre in accuracy. The 43 trigger is quite a letdown, as well. In about reloads I have never damaged a single case. Compare that to the that I lost about 10 percent of the new cases reloading! BB: Agreed, the Winchester 43 always struck me as an up-sized Winchester Many develop excessive headspace in. It can be corrected by shimming the bolt ,but it is still a weak platform. I find that I can utilize a heavier bullet in the Bee and get the same velocity as the Hornet.

It has more pop. I can also use pointed bullets in my Martini that are better than the run of the mill Hornet bullets. You are right about the cases also,They are very soft and you have to be careful when sizing them. I crush a couple every time too. A very close friend is involved in mounted cowboy action shooting, and was looking for a well-used lever action carbine just a few years ago. About that time, one of the largest of these chains opened a location about three hours away. Michael was browsing the used gun counter when an old revolver caught his eye.

After he examined it, he asked the young salesman who made it. Subsequent research proved that he knew what he was doing, as Colt changed the barrel stamp in the third year of Peacemaker production. Since that time, the piece has been appraised by the same chain as an original, worth over ten thousand dollars. My friend had bought one of the first Peacemakers for the price of a junk copy! All of that being said… as I browse through counters and tables for the next treasure in my own collection, I try to stay observant and flexible, because I know that the bargain I find may not be the one that I started out looking for!

Another thing that can happen is the old guns get rebarreled. Sure, the collector value was destroyed, but it was still a Gen 1 Colt that I could shoot. I used it in the gunfights at Frontier Village amusement park in the s. That was some delay between pulling the trigger and the actual shot. I have not had a problem with this at least not yet. Are you aware of others who have the same delay. I am curious to know exactly what causes the delay and whether it is something that can be correctly without purchasing a better air rifle. But yes, that delay is dangerous to be sure. Thank you for sharing this information; I will be wary.

I understand that they can get worse. In this case…. If left cocked for just a few hours, you might hear a delay between the sear release and the shot. In this case, the piston is too soft. The sear bites into it and hangs up. You notice anything that seems not right, you be careful. New parts? It has so many bad parts that replacing them would not be an inexpensive solution.

I just took a look at the Crosman site. It says there are no parts available through Crosman for the Titan, but parts are available for the Trail except for the one with the camo stock, but I think the rest of the gun is the same as the hardwood Trail and the all weather Trail without the camo stock. Still, this may suggest that the Titan is different inside, and likely it is. I was talking to a friend about his new rifle, a Marlin lever action in.

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Above BB talks of rifles in. My question is, how in the world did all these calibers come about? At only a thousandths or 2 different, why? Did someone make a barrel that was so superior that they had to make new bullets to fit it? Or did the bullet come first and they had to make a barrel for that superior bullet? They are not different sizes. All of these guns measure 0. The older ones might measure 0. The different names are given to distinguish the calibers from one another.

Just as the. I was asking this for a friend, of course I knew this all along. Thanks BB. Hold on. Surely the. And there is some kind of difference between. Mine turns out to be. And I shudder to think of the subtleties of the Mauser calibers which are called either 8mm or 7.

Ben whorf another friend of mine lyrics - nypezugadydy.ml

That HW52 looks new in the box! That rifle is the. It will be interesting to read what Chuck has to say, since anything right now will be more than I know. As for my secrets, More stuff keeps pouring out of the cracks. Kevin, Sorry, I started out on this blog as CJr and migrated to just Chuck until another Chuck joined the blog recently and to minimize confusion I migrated to Chuckj. Would that I were as knowledgeable as this Chuck Jordan, but not so. If this were a Pro Sports blog neither Tops nor Fleer would have my picture. Always wondered if you were Chuck Jordan.

Thanks for clearing that up. Your metaphors cracked me up. No matter your ever changing pen name,your wit is unimitable……. Like, exactly how sharp are the other knives in there. What are knives doing in the pencil drawer, in the first place? Who has pencil drawers any more? Everybody walked to school. Kindergarten through Highschool graduation. What an incredible year!

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See more of Colorado State Fair on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Billie Jean Hood-Cortese. Please look into Home Free and Lucas Hoge for the fair next year. They both have Pueblo Connections. See More.

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