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Milwaukee Grease Guns. What are air grease guns used for? What are the different kinds of grease guns? They all have some factors in common, such as a grease cartridge, but the major difference between them is the way that the grease is delivered, and the different ways are the following: Manual: The grease is pushed through the gun and expelled using a hand trigger to create pressure in the hose, which then pushes the lubricant through. Manual Non-trigger: Similar to the above type, except there is no trigger system to use.

The pressure is created by simply pushing on the butt of the gun with your hand. Air-powered: Uses a pneumatic hose to provide air pressure to the system when activated. The easiest to use but requires the necessary equipment to provide an external source of compressed air to function. Which type of grease cartridge is good to use? What do the letters on a grease cartridge mean? Shop by Category.

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Buying Format see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Item Location see all. Delivery Options see all. Coupons do not acknowledge that corrosion is usually not uniform and constant. Insertion of corrosion coupons is one the most widely used method of monitoring corrosion in industrial installations.

Its principle consists of placing coupons made from the same alloy as the equipment in contact with the aggressive medium. The coupons are inserted for a specific period typically several months , after which they are removed, examined and weighed. An equivalent uniform corrosion rate can then be calculated from the sample weight loss, using a simple analytical formula ASTM, :. Metallographic examination may confirm the presence of uniform corrosion and, otherwise, reconsider the corrosion rate calculated.

Some coupons are specifically designed to study certain forms of localised corrosion, such as crevice or pitting corrosion. Pearson, A. This highlights the need for longer-term testing when investigating parameters that cause amine degradation. Maurice I. Stewart Jr. Prevention and control programs should include system monitoring through: Corrosion coupons.

The three steps in combating corrosion in glycol systems are: Use an effective corrosion inhibitor in both the liquid and vapor phases. Keep the unit clean to prevent acid formation due to contamination. Cathodic protection has been attempted but has been met with little success. The rate of corrosion can be slowed to a point that is almost negligible.

Corrosion inhibitors work in several ways. The two most applicable to glycol units are: pH buffers. The most direct method of evaluating the corrosivity of an environment is the use of corrosion coupons. In drilling operations, a drill string corrosion coupon is a ring coupon machined from a section of tubing and sized to fit into the relief groove in the tool joint box.

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To employ effective control measures, it is very important to determine the type of corrosion attack. Spot analysis of the corrosions film and careful visual examination of the coupon surface can help in determining the type and severity of corrosion attack. Generalized corrosion is represented by continuous attack over the entire surface, but no pitting. The pitting type of corrosion is represented by a high concentration of pits on the coupon surface. This type of corrosion attack is the most serious attack resulting from drilling fluids, as discussed earlier.

Weighing the coupon before and after exposure, and evaluating the change in weight permits a determination of the severity of general corrosion attack. Before installation the coupon must be clean i.

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After exposure to the system for a known period of time, the coupon is retrieved, visually examined, then cleaned and reweighed within one tenth of a milligram. The difference between the initial and final weights is attributed to corrosion and converted to a corrosion rate knowing the surface area of the corrosion coupon exposed to the environment.

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There are several factors such as handling, surface preparation and cleaning, etc. The results obtained from this test assume uniform corrosion. Therefore, for proper analysis it becomes very important to include a complete description of the exposed coupons. One of the most important factors is visual inspection of the coupon, describing the form of attack and identifying the corrosion by-product. In assessing drill string corrosion, there are limitations in using corrosion coupons.

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  • The coupon experiences the same downhole conditions as the drill string does and represents the corrosive effects of the downhole environment. However, the coupon is only exposed to the one side inside of the drill string and is not subject to the same stresses. Stresses can and do influence corrosion rates and corrosion on the outside of the drill string may not be adequately assessed.

    The results obtained are only for a certain depth of exposure, while the corrosion may vary appreciably up and down the hole. Finally, the results are not available until the tool containing the coupon is pulled out of the hole. Ali N. Corrosion monitoring can be classified in a number of ways. One classification is historical versus current. Corrosion coupons provide historical data. Corrosion probes, on the other hand, provide continuous measurements; their readings will tell us the time the corrosion started, when it reached its highest rate, and the rate of corrosion.

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    Another type of classification is intrusive versus nonintrusive. Both corrosion coupons and probes are intrusive types, in direct contact with the liquid measuring the corrosivity of the liquid. Nonintrusive types, such as hydrogen probes or special belts and mats, are placed on the external side of the pipeline. Nonintrusive monitoring instruments are particularly useful for pipelines carrying sour oil and gas.

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    • One reason is from health and safety viewpoint where installing and retrieving intrusive coupons and probes is always accompanied by a risk of exposure of personnel and environment to the deadly H 2 S gas. Another reason is that in sour systems many online intrusive probes malfunction due to build-up of iron sulfide film on the probe circuit causing it to short out and provide erroneous data. We have recently real things.

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